Monday, 7 November 2011

Bison History

As part of the rebuild of Bison I have been getting together some information on her history and hope to be able to expand on the information that I have as well as gathering some old photos and further information as we go.

Bison was built in 1923 by W J Yarwoods and Sons Northwich as an iron composite motor fitted with a Bolinder NE 15hp .

20/12/1923 Delivered to Fellows Morton and Clayton, allocated fleet number 289
25/01/1924 Health registered Birmingham 1458 (fly- 1 cabin 3.33 persons) Master G Harrison
22/06/1927 Gauged by the BCN Company as BCN 1302 (70' 10" x 7'2" 29 tonnes @ 50.67")
Jan 1947     Re-engined with Bolinder BM 15hp (Ex FMC Motor Briton 240)
01/01/1949 Sold to British Transport Commission allocated to South East Division
24/07/1949 On South East Division fleet paired with butty York
24/10/1949 On South East Division fleet paired with butty Gertie
12/01/1951 Electrics fitted as part of modernisation of ex FMC Ltd boats
13/05/1952 On South East Division paired with butty York
23/09/1952 Bulls Bridge document out of service
23/02/1954 Bulls Bridge document in service
01/10/1954 On South East Division paired with butty Neston
16/02/1955 Bulls Bridge document in commission but surplus to 120 boat fleet proposal
28/03/1956 put into storage at William Boyers pit Harefield
09/06/1953 Sold into private ownership

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  1. Further to my previous comment as "son of first private owner", I am just questioning the dates that "Bison" was sold into private ownership and when she was "stored" at Harefield. I can also confirm that a National engine was fitted in 1961. If you would like copies of "Bison's" interior, etc. please contact me.