Monday, 23 June 2014

Time to go

25th October 2013, well we're sort of finished... ish. Winter stoppages start on the Coventry canal on the 4th November so it's now or never if we want to get back. Engine bought sight unseen after been stored in a  barn in Sweeden for 15 years, total running hours around 5 since installation in the boat. After a bit of messing about on the Saturday morning we reverse out of the arm and head towards Braunston. A brief pause at the top of the locks, bottle of Newcastle Brown for the boat and a swift Stella for Clare and I and we're off! Engine smoking like buggary but a swift thrash down the straight to Calcutt seems to help considerably. Apart from the throttle lever falling off just before Braunston the old girl did us proud. Great memories of a lost afternoon in the Swan at Fradley chatting to Rick off Auriga, all in all a pretty satisfying run back to our permanent mooring on the Soar at Kegworth

Bison at Willington

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