Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lots of progress and not many posts

Steelwork is progressing well with the cabin extension in place and construction of the back cabin and engine room well underway (ex FMC Vanguard is in the foreground).


  1. looking good when she going to be ready? and whats Vangaurd in for? would they sell?

  2. Hi David,

    She should be ready just after Easter with frantic painting over the Easter period, then a short trip next door for the wood panelling and back cabin. Vanguard is in for a new bottom and she should be done at about the same time.

    I doubt they would sell but you never know!



  3. ah very good so will you be heading to the Braunston traffic jam? or Alvercote and Shacky workingboat gatherings? And I suppose the old saying everything is for sale at the right price applys cant help being curious as to what that price would be :-) as she spent alot of time up my local canal.

  4. Looking back quite fitting how come your selling?